St. John Vianney Parish

St. John Vianney Parish

  Phone: (+1) 262-796-3940   Address: 1755 N. Calhoun Rd. Brookfield,WI - 53005, USA

Saint John Vianney Parish is a vibrant Catholic community in Brookfield, Wisconsin with over 7,000 members and over 2,000 families in the parish. At SJV we care deeply about serving others, with over 70 ministries to engage members in prayer and worship and helping those in need spiritually, physically, fiscally, or emotionally in the Brookfield and greater Milwaukee area.

On the outside, some people wonder if they will be lost in a faith community this size. As a member, you’ll find Saint John Vianney parish members to be warm and welcoming. We encourage you to browse our Care & Community section to find programs to nourish your soul. Then check out the Serve Others section. With over 100 ministries available, we’re sure you will find a way to reach out and share your gifts.

Saint John Vianney Parish School and Christian Formation programs provide youth with opportunities to utilize the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:  Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord through faith-formation and a variety of service and faith-filled experiences.

Individuals, couples, new and established families, empty-nesters and seniors find Saint John Vianney Parish providing guidance and direction needed for their faith journey. Some people relate to “coming home” when they join the parish.

Our Mission

Saint John Vianney Parish is a welcoming Catholic Faith community.

  • We are EXPERIENCING Christ in our lives through the Gospel, sacraments, and life long faith formation.
  • We are LIVING our faith in worship and stewardship.
  • And we are SERVING God’s people to reveal the presence of Christ in our community.


Name Title Phone Bio
Peter Thomas Associate Director of Development
Edwin Kornath Owner
Robb Lied Director of Administrative Services
Katy Cornell School Development Asst.
Sharon Roberts Interim Accounts Payable ends 9/14/23
Sarah Haus Accounts Payable as of 9/14/23