Scene Factory LLC

Scene Factory LLC

  Phone: (+1) 262-345-2555   Address: 14750 W. Capitol Dr Brookfield,WI - 53005, USA

Scene Factory is a creative collective of visual storytellers. We start with raw materials like messages, concepts, ideas, innovations and hair-brained schemes. In the factory, we design, script, photograph, film, animate and program. 

We take your message and craft a story that will help you Get Noticed.

It’s What We Do . . . What We Love to Do!

Our team has been telling stories for a long time and we are a culmination of the best of the best in the video production industry.

Our specialty is transforming your mobile, web and interactive ideas into powerful marketing, training, and communication tools. 

From start to finish, our passion is analyzing and collaborating with you to assist in formulating a winning message with the ultimate goal of growing your business or practice.

Every product that comes off our Factory Line will help you Increase AwarenessCapture Your Audience, and Maximize Your Returns

Name Title Phone Bio
Mark West Owner
Myron Hood Owner